Thursday, August 2, 2007

Fatal Frame

I had a successful weekend in Las Vegas during the Computer Gaming Expo. I probably haven't completely recovered from it, because that takes two days of quiet meditation and I went straight to work when I got back. We bought melons on the way back from a town in Utah, and I could suck one of them dry with a straw in like seven seconds right now. Hello, I am Robb, I am interested in vitamins, water, little else.

I was able to hang out with some great people that I don't get a chance to see often while at the CGE. Two guys are going to be in CZK, Adam Thornton and Jon Blask. Jon -- otherwise known as Roody Yogurt -- is one of the main characters, a guy named Grimloft. I had been trying for a while to get someone to play this part, but nothing has really worked out. Surprising, you'd think more people would jump at the opportunity to star in game for an obscure medium like "text game." Oddness!!!

In fact, this will be a real problem when I run out of women to put in these things, I mean, I know plenty of girls, but there's no good way to phrase, "Be in my text game." To me, the previous sentence always comes out as, "Let me show you my Pokemons." There needs to be some sort of international, "I'm Not a Pervert!" registry so I can make a request on Craig's List and get some help. OK, there needs to be this registry and I need to pass the test. So, a number two to that plan, definitely.

Roody was great, even though I got the sense that he really wanted to take a nap that night for a couple hours. I shot him with two cameras -- Dayna's, and then one belonging to Jason Scott. I'm glad I involved someone else's camera. Ours apparently has a "Motion Blur" setting, and it was enabled for a lot of my pictures. Ha! Ha ha! Nothing like checking afterwards and seeing that many of the pics are no good. I mean, I can work around them, but still. Unbelievably disappointing: I should have reset Dayna's camera for beginning. The little viewfinder doesn't have enough pixels to really inform me that everything I am shooting isn't much good.

Luckily, the game has me in Photoshop for every single graphic anyway, so I'll be fine. Just some user error with the camera - never happened to me before on any of the previous games, so I guess I was do. That being said, I thought of a new characteristic for Roody's character: he's, uh, very very fast, or something.

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